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Brand Guidelines

The consistent and correct usage of the Group’s Corporate Identity is an important aspect of successful public relations as well as for brand recognition and serves to minimise confusion and misunderstandings. No matter if you are an employee or affiliate of the Group or any of its companies or if you are a third party who would like to refer to us e.g. as part of a blog, social media post or any kind of journalistic or scientific publication – we are asking you to adhere to these Guidelines in order to avoid any possibility of misrepresentation.

Please be advised that regardless of these guidelines, local regulations and trademark registrations always prevail. Keep in mind to check for any such factors, doubly so in case you are publishing in jurisdictions that the Group is not directly active in.


Please refer to our Portfolio page for previews of the Group companies’ logos. If you need higher resolutions, different file formats or a full media kit with additional content, please contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist.

Please use our logos as provided by us and do not alter or misrepresent them in any way. In particular, you must not:

  • Change the pre-defined colours (see also the section below).
  • Alter the pre-defined aspect ratio.
  • Scale the logo in a way so that it looks visibly pixelated or the text becomes unreadable.
  • Remove or cut away any elements from the logo. In case of space or alignment issues in your publication, there are alternative versions available for certain cases (e.g. square versions, slim versions without claim/slogan). In case of doubts, please contact us.
  • Put the logo in a context where it implies cooperation or affiliation with a third party when such an affiliation does not actually exist or permission for such use hasn’t been granted by each party involved.
  • Overlap the logo with geometric shapes or other logos or embed them over a background colour that is very similar to any colour contained in the logo. The logos should only be displayed on plain backgrounds with adequate contrast.


You are allowed to:

  • Scale the logo while maintaining adequate resolution and aspect ratio.
  • Embed a logo while maintaining adequate distance to any other logos or layout elements.
  • Use logo versions with a square opaque white background and sufficient margin between the edge and any graphical elements of the logo on top of different background colors.


UCY Ventures Group uses a certain colour scheme that applies for both Group matters as well as most Group company publications.

  • Main/Text colour #595959, rgb(89, 89, 89)
  • Contrast colour #990017, rgb(153, 0, 23)


ThinHoc Systems additionally uses a shade of blue, mostly in places where other Group companies would use the red contrast colour.

  • ThinHoc Contrast colour #232c7d, rgb(35, 44, 125)


The Group’s corporate font that is to be used by all Group companies in their respective publications an communications as far as possible is Assistant.

For Cyrillic script or in cases where Assistant cannot be made available for technical reasons, Roboto is an acceptable fallback font.

Brands and Companies

The following is a list of all relevant publicly acting Group companies with their names as written in the respective register in the country of incorporation.

  • UCY Technologies GmbH
  • UCY Global Invest GmbH
  • UCY Polymers CZ s.r.o.
  • GMS General Management Support GmbH
  • ThinHoc Systems Europe GmbH
  • OOO “Юсивай Полимерс РУС” (literal transcription: “UCY Polymers RUS”)


CORRECT – Acceptable abbreviations/variations

  • “UCY Polymers” if referring to the entire division as an organizational unit of the Group and not one specific legal entity.
  • “ThinHoc Systems” if referring to the company in texts that carry no legal significance.
  • “UCY Group” or “UCY” as an abbreviation for the entire Group in texts where it is mentioned repeatedly.
  • The legal form of a company may be omitted in contexts where the is used as a brand rather than an explicit identifier of a specific company, or in longer texts after the full name has been written out at least once.


WRONG – Please do not use any the following phrasing or spelling:

  • “UCY Ventures Group GmbH” or anything similar. There is no such legal entity.
  • “UCY Technologies, a daughter company of UCY Ventures Group”: As noted above, there is no legal entity “UCY Ventures Group” and thus no strict hierarchy between Group companies should be implied. Rather use different phrasing, such as “UCY Technologies, a member of UCY Ventures Group” or “UCY Technologies, a UCY Group company”. There are exceptions for hierarchies that actually exist in a legal sense, for example it would be correct to write “ThinHoc Systems, a fully-owned daughter of UCY Technologies” or “UCY Polymers RUS, a subsidiary of UCY Global Invest GmbH”.
  • “ThinHoc announced on Thursday that…”: Please do not refer to the company itself as “ThinHoc”. Call it “ThinHoc Systems” or its full name. “ThinHoc” alone can be an acceptable name under some limited circumstances if referring to a specific (hardware) product as its brand, as in “I connected my ThinHoc to the display”.
  • “Thin Hoc”. There is no space in the registered trademark. Please also refrain from any other kinds of inconsistent spacing in our brand or company names.
  • “ucy technologies”, “ThinHOC”: Please do not alter capitalization of any brand or product name to anything else but the official spellings given in this document.
  •  “UCY Technologies”, “ThinHoc“: Please do not use any kind of inconsistent font settings or sizes within any mention of a brand.

Registered Trademarks:

As a registered trademark, it is possible (but not mandated) to use the Registered Trademark sign as follows: ThinHoc®

Examples of unregistered brands used within the Group:

  • ThinHoc Smart Conference
  • ThinHoc Smart series
  • ThinHoc Flex series
  • ThinHoc One
  • ThinHoc Two
  • UCY Scalable Sorting Platform (USSP)
  • UCY Ventures Group

This list is explicitly non-exhaustive, and does not judge the quality as brands of any other product names that might be used repeatedly in UCY Group communication. Common sense applies.

As unregistered brands, these should under no circumstances be used in conjunction with trademark signs such as “®” or “™”.

Pronunciation and Etymology:

  • “UCY” is spoken like “you see why”. The brand name aims to convey a meaning of “You will understand when you see”, thus the emphasis in pronunciation lies on the “see” rather than the “why”.
  • “ThinHoc” is composed from the English word “thin” (as in Thin Provisioning, Thin Client, …) and the Latin word “ad hoc” (meaning instant; immediate; without further ado). The emphasis lies on the first syllable “Thin”.